Welcome to MetaFinance. We’re glad you’re here. You want to build a fortune, but don’t know how to do it? You want to have an understanding of personal finance? You want to invest money, but have no idea how? Are you unsure about taking the first step on the stock market? Do you want to make more of yourself? And you want to know how to build up a fortune for retirement? Overnight and fixed-term deposits now yield too little interest and you want to know how you can invest the money better?
Then you’ve come to the right place! We can help you to better understand the topics of savings, personal finance, investment, pension insurance, and human capital and to individualize them for you.
In this blog, you will find content related to personal finance, savings, the stock market, and investments in general. We try to help you decide how to save for retirement or how to face the most important milestones in your financial life cycle. We write about business, getting started, and being your own boss. And ultimately, how to use the money to live better.
We deal with many issues related to money from many points of view. And we do them with authority that gives us more than 15 years of experience working in different areas of the financial world and everything we have learned from the financial problems of the people we have come across during that long road, which we hope will last a few more years.
We know what we know and we are also aware of what we don’t know. But we have the ambition to learn much more. And that’s why we share our knowledge, because all together, we advance further.


According to statistics, a lot of young Americans might not be financially naive, but they’re financially unprepared.
Therefore, the aim of this blog is to change that narrative by educating and preparing them using the simplest terms on how to save, invest, and take care of their personal finances so that they don’t end up stuck 20 years from now.
Our audience is young Americans, and our aim is to break down complex, and otherwise boring financial concepts and topics into fun, human-readable, everyday language for this set of people.
One of the ways we try to do this is to make it emotionally involving and compelling through storytelling.
If you want to successfully build up wealth, you have to take your finances into your own hands. There is no way around it! Maybe you know the feeling of the abundance of information being written and not acting at all because of the abundance of information. We want to take that fear away from you and show you that savings, investments are not rocket science.
We want to help you take advantage of this incredible potential, take responsibility for your money and invest your money independently in stocks. Let’s get more out of our money together!
In short, this blog is designed to help you get to know and move a little better, in the sometimes complicated world of finance. If you’re interested in these topics and the way we tell it, we encourage you to join us on our journey of transformation and learning.
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We’re a team of experienced professionals in the finance industry compelled to educate young Americans on having saving cultures, know how, where and when to invest so they dont wake up broke 20 years from now, with the aim of breaking down complex financial terms into simple, engaging stories for young people to read.
Are you tired of seeing run of the meal average content that puts you to sleep or makes you leave the website within 5 seconds?
Content that is good just doesn’t cut it. It has to be freakin amazing.
Our goal is to put emphasis on quality engaging content, instead of being just another website that pumps out tons of useless articles. We’ve done our industry research and there are very few financial blogs in the industry that go the extra mile when it comes to amazing content.
Let’s set the standard in the industry and become one of them.