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How to Start Financial Planning for Families in 2022?

by Amarachukwu
How to Start Financial Planning for Families in 2022?


The year 2022 is fast approaching, and it’s only a matter of time before we all scream, “Happy new year” to one another. What are your plans for 2022?

Anyone who starts a family in this day and age must manage well. At best, even before starting your own family, so as not to get into a financial bottleneck. Of course, this model does not always work because many babies are born unplanned. Nevertheless, it makes sense to draw up a budget and follow it.

As a family, it is especially important to pay attention to your expenses to always have enough money – even for emergencies – in the account. This is the only way to enjoy your family’s happiness in peace. We give you the basic building blocks for your solid financial planning for families.

It is important to remain financially liquid, especially as a family. These sums show how much additional money is needed. Only with good financial planning for families can it be ensured that your family does not get into financial distress.

After the holiday season, people may find empty pockets, plus more financial obligations are approaching; payment of credits; utility bills, school, health, or housing enrollment. Trust Corporate, an organizational consultant expert in financial issues, announces some recommendations to start 2022 with good financial health.

“Managing money correctly is not an easy task. Unnecessary expenses can play tricks, or sometimes, simply not enough money to save and have a backup in case of any need. However, with good financial planning, you can create different strategies to best address the different scenarios and situations that arise financially, “explains James Hernández, president and co-founder of Trust Corporate.

Here are some recommendations on how to start Financial Planning for Families in 2022:

How Much Net Revenue is Left?

From the beginning, it is important to check the family’s financial planning as realistically as possible. The first step should be to record any net revenue; income of your partner, child benefit, housing allowances. This sum can be used to work to draw up a monthly budget. There are different ways to make financial planning as effective as possible and concentrate on the essentials.

Instead of irregular purchases, for example, purchases are made only once a week for a certain amount. In addition, it is advisable to invest any income in a joint account, from where everyone receives a certain amount transferred. So everything remains clear and is divided fairly in the family. In addition to the account, it is best to open a savings account, to which a certain sum is transferred from the joint account right at the beginning of the month whether $50 or $500 is up to you.

Focus on the essentials and invest in the future

As a family minister of finance in one’s own family, it is necessary to inform all members that there is only a certain budget. It makes sense to encourage children to save at a young age to learn how to handle money faster. 

Today, so much money is invested in branded goods, constantly purchasing new technology, and unnecessary stuff that no money is left to save. At the moment, children must receive a good education that will help them later in the labor market. 

Instead of ten Christmas presents, you can buy one, and then put $200 into your children training fund.

Spending is increasing yearly

The second part of the financial check is about the expenses. For the first time, note the fixed expenses such as rent, insurance, and further running costs, which must be covered. 

It should be noted that babies need far less money than school children and teenagers. If there is no longer any parental leave allowance, only the child benefit remains, so it is important to plan for the future and think about solutions in advance.

For instance, a part-time job. Not only do school children need clothes, but more and more things are being demanded, such as laptops, money for excursions, or monthly costs for private school. These expenses should also be taken into account from the outset. 

If, for instance, it is possible to put away $200 a month, an amount of about $15,000 is available until the start of school. This can cover some school costs, and there is enough reserved money for other expenses.

Analyzing how the previous year’s finances allowed us to understand what had more expenses, if debts were paid or if they were preserved. From there, you can come up with a plan for the new year.

After planning the expenses, it will be possible to observe that in some months it is usually spent more than in others. Thus, it is necessary to identify the most complicated seasons so that expenses do not become a surprise and you can have financial peace of mind throughout the year.

Limit debts

In the face of economic uncertainty, it is best to be cautious. This does not mean stopping all plans and goals, but being aware that it is best to avoid excesses.

“It’s important that debts don’t get out of control. If you are going to ask for a loan, that is only to help meet the objectives that are proposed in the financial planning, and that is not to be over-indebted.

Budget according to reality

The budget is the guide to understanding what you can spend the money on, so you have to be clear about the monthly expenses, both fixed and variable. If any expense goes out of budget, it is advisable to avoid it.

“The budget depends on the reality of the person or family. One of the most effective methods to organize the budget is the 50-30-20 formula, where throughout the year it is recommended to allocate 50% of the salary to service payments, 30% for personal expenses and 20% for savings or investment, “says Hernández.

That all expenses have a goal: 

Today more than ever, you must be aware of what expenses are necessary and eliminate those that are a whim. All the money held as income must have a goal, and any surplus must be destined for saving or paying debts. The more money control, the easier it will be to maintain balanced and smooth finances during 2022.

How to Start Financial Planning for Families in 2022?

“In times of uncertainty, it is recommended to be austere to have greater economic tranquility. Without a doubt, the best way to have healthy personal finances is with a good organization, so it is time to start working on a budget for 2022 and maintain the discipline to start seeing results during the year.

Well prepared for emergencies

An emergency penny is more important than ever, and different scenarios should be played out – for example, what happens during a job loss?. Can you all live on unemployment benefits? 

Sometimes it already helps to move into a cheaper apartment when it is not urgently needed. In an emergency, everything is ultimately regulated, and there are no unexpected bottlenecks.

Safety is the top priority in financial planning for families.

A financial plan has the sense that you as a family always have enough money for yourself. Only those who set budgets know how to handle their money most skillfully. This can be compared, for example, with a large family. 

Again, there are financial plans. They determine, for example, how much money can be spent on office supplies, how much money goes into advertising measures, how much budget is given for employees (salary and workplace) and what sum remains for the Christmas party at the end of the year. Only with the most precise financial planning possible can the company function successfully. In addition, it can grow and generate profit.

Transferred to a family, there is then financial planning with craft and school materials, education, drugstore items, hobbies, holidays, and birthdays. In addition, some occasions require a higher sum of money, especially as a family. 

Starting with baptism, school enrollment, round birthdays, and later school trips and holiday game programs. Not every family has the money for it, just like the account. So if the income offers enough leeway to save, smaller sums should be regularly set aside for these special occasions.

Budget planning for families

A budget is essential for your family’s financial planning. Especially if you notice that the account is regularly overloaded, you have to pay much attention to saving, or you can no longer afford anything. In general, keeping a budget book helps anyone who values a good financial budget.

List your total household income and all fixed costs. Then it would help if you thought about what you are currently or shortly spending money on in everyday life. Collects these expenses under individual items in a list. For example, food, drugstore, furniture, other purchases, going out to eat, hobbies, clothes, education, birthdays, celebrations, holidays.

How to provide financially for your family

The sum of the financial needs for a child (from 12 to 18 years old) in a year alone shows how much money a family needs. It is important that you set realistic goals and budgets in your planning.

The financial plan for families is about having enough money around the year and building up reserves, thus making financial provisions. So think about the purposes for which you want to build up reserves: for the children’s education? For your retirement provision? For a new car? If you would like to move into your own home soon, then write all this down as well. 


Maybe you will not be able to invest money for all your wishes from the beginning and put it aside. Therefore, set priorities and start with what seems most important to you.

Build up reserves

However, building up reserves is essential. Unpredictable events, such as a broken washing machine, a new stove, or another major repair, can put too much strain on the family coffers. Or rather, many families cannot afford it right away and have to take out loans. But even these have to be repaid and swallow additional interest. 

It would therefore be better to have a financial buffer. One recommendation is that this reserve should be as high as two to three months’ salary. But reserves can only be formed if the regular income is significantly higher than the expenses. 

So if there is not so much money left at the end of the month, then the savings potential is also significantly lower. It would take months, if not years, to set aside that sum. Therefore, do not put pressure on yourself and see it more as a goal to be pursued. Put aside the money you have. But think about how you want to budget in times of financial crisis.

Provisions for the children

Many families set up an account at the birth of their child. On this, the relatives and acquaintances can then gladly transfer money gifts. But it should not be left at that. 

Especially if you plan to make provisions for studies or training, for example, you should start as early as possible. For example, you can invest in an ETF from as little as $30 a month and thus expect up to seven percent return per year. But of course, there are even more ways for your child to make provisions by investing.

Even those who do not yet have children, but plan to have some, can increase their money very well with this small monthly sum.

Final Thought

As a parent, you should not forget to make financial provisions for yourself. If you are secure, you can raise your children without major money worries. So look after yourself – savings plans that are right for you. 

It is good, for instance, to save for retirement and to have additional savings plans, whose money you can get earlier in exceptional financial situations. So ask specifically about such pension and savings plans and get individual advice.

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