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How to save $10,000 in a year

by Amarachukwu
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In the world of finance, there’s a popular saying that goes “pay yourself first.” What this means is that you should always put your savings goals ahead of any other financial goal. That might seem like common sense, but it’s something a lot of people struggle with. If you’re one of those people, then read on. In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to save $10,000 in just 12 months. Sound impossible? It’s not! With a little bit of discipline and some creative thinking, you can easily hit your target. 


Saving money can feel like an uphill battle, but it’s definitely doable with some effort. In this post, we’ll outline some simple ways that you can save $10,000 in a year. So whether you’re just starting out or looking to get ahead, read on for tips that will help you reach your savings goals!


You can save $10,000 in a year by making these 3 changes to your lifestyle. First off all you need is some patience and discipline when it comes down to finances because saving money isn’t easy for most of us at first! 


The second thing that will help cut costs? Eating at home more often than not instead cooking greasy restaurants or ordering takeout from places like PF Changs which blow chunks up here literally speaking…but don’t worry I have found an app called “UWatchFree” where they show exactly what videos are available without having any membership whatsoever so now there’s no excuse why anyone shouldn’t.


What would you do with $10,000? It’s not a small amount and it may seem impossible to save that much in one year. But there are ways for anyone who wants the money!


What should I spend my bonus on ?” That sounds like an easy decision when writing out these three things: A house/mortgage payment; repairs or replacing worn-out items such as brakes on cars (or even tires); new appliances which can cost up 40% over their lifetime price tag just because they’re going through wear & tear quickly. So let’s get started!

Create a budget and stick to it

It’s not about how much money you make, but rather the amounts that are put into your savings account every month.


A lot of people don’t like creating budgets because they’re numbers; however this is one way we can keep track of where our hard earned cash goes so there aren’t any surprises later down the line when paycheck time rolls around again or during those rare weekends away from work (or both). 


To start off with something simple choose 10% as an amount which will go directly towards finance charges such has rent/mortgage etc., then allocated another percentage itemized list according to category – groceries ($60), transportation.


Okay, so this is arguably the most crucial tip for saving $10,000 in a year–or any amount for that matter.


Whenever you are paid–and before you pay your bills or spend any of your money on fun, food, or entertainment–save whatever amount you need to attain your goal. Then live off the leftovers.


Most individuals may find this strange since they are used to saving whatever money is left over at the end of each month. But the trouble with conserving your remaining money is that it is at the bottom of your priority list. In addition, low priority objectives are seldom met.


So, if your objective is to save $833.33 every month and you get paid twice a month, you should deposit $416.67 into savings each time a paycheck arrives in your bank account.


If you are paid once a week, you must put $192.31 into savings each time you get a paycheck. If you only get paid once a month… Well, you get the idea.


All you have to do to reach your savings goal is to save before you spend. That’s all there is to it.


Oh, and if you really want to maximize your savings, you should put your money in a savings account that pays a reasonable interest rate. 

Get a roommate to split the rent and utilities

You can save money by getting a roommate to split the rent and utilities. This is especially true if you have two people living in one house, but only one person works at home or goes out frequently during their commute time.

Brown bag your lunch instead of eating out

Brown bagging it in order to avoid the temptation of what’s on offer at lunchtime, can help you lose weight.


A new study found that people who brought their own food lacked interest and ate fewer calories than those eating out or taking advantage of pre-packaged meals are more likely to be successful dieters – so try using this strategy tomorrow!


There’s no need to spend your lunch break in the kitchen when you can make a simple brown bag. All it takes is some sandwich materials and then get creative with how they’re layered!


Changing your lifestyle is difficult, but it’s possible with a little effort. One way you can save money and make healthier choices for lunch? Take brown bagged food from home instead of ordering in.

Start A Side Hustle

If you do not earn enough money to save $833.34 every month, you have two options. You may either change your savings target to match your income or increase your income to meet your savings goal. The good news is that there are several options to earn additional money available. You simply have to be brave enough to go after them.


So, if you’re enthusiastic about something you can do for money on the side, go for it. If you have the energy to work a second job at night to improve your financial status, do it! Every dollar you make on the side brings you one step closer to saving $10,000 in a year.

Make a decision and commit to your goal.

Every successful life accomplishment begins with a choice and a commitment. Saving $10,000 in a year is no exception. You must begin your trip by choosing that you will do whatever it takes to achieve your objective.


You’re not going to get $10,000 by chance. It will need effort and dedication. Remember that this is a 12-month objective, and a lot may happen in that time.


So, promise yourself that you will stick to your objective for a complete year. Now, make a firm commitment to your choice.

Cut back on cable TV and streaming services

If you’re still paying for cable, it’s time to cut back. Streaming services provide more than enough content and they cost less money overall – so why not switch?


You can save yourself some cash by canceling your TV service or having smaller bundles with Netflix instead of HBO through AT&T Services right now! This way when next year rolls around there will be even fewer requirements on what kind of media device(s) we use at home because most people don’t watch much live sports anymore anyway (unless congrats are coming!).


You can save money by cutting back on your cable TV and streaming services. There are many cheaper options out there for getting online, like satellite or cellular data plans that will allow you to watch all of the shows without having any monthly fees attached!

Bring your own coffee to work instead of buying it every day


You know how much you spend on coffee every day, right? Well keep an eye out for places where your favorite drinks are cheaper – there might be some good news coming soon. You should also consider the length of time that goes by before reordering; if it’s less than two hours then head over straight away because their stock will run low!

Shop at thrift stores and discount retailers for clothes, groceries, and other household items

Sell unused belongings online or at a garage sale

You can make some money by selling your unused belongings online or at a garage sale.

The following tips will help you get the best price for items:  -Clean up all of their stuff so they don’t have messes on display; this also makes it easier to find what’s valuable among clutter- Let people know in advance how much space there needs be (e.g., “I’ll take everything”) and put signs around corners showing those spots where things are stored


The best way to sell your belongings is by posting them online. You can also have a garage sale where people come and take one look at all the items in front of them, then make an offer if they want more than what’s on display!


With the rise of online selling, more people are looking to liquidate their unwanted belongings. These sales can take place at any time and location with just one person involved – you! Sell your items quickly for cash by listing them on sites such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace in order to make room that will be useful again soon.


Be smart when posting anything valuable so it doesn’t get lost forever:  


1) Make sure potential buyers know what they’re getting into 2a ) Try not list things used 3b4.) Wash/dry.


Unwanted items are a waste of space and money. You can get rid of them by selling your unused belongings online or at an garage sale for cash, which will allow you to live comfortably without having any personal effects weighing down on home ownership


-The key is finding the right buyer so make sure they’re interested in what’s being offered before moving forward!


Get creative with ways to save money, like turning off the water when you’re brushing your teeth


Instead of running the water when you brush your teeth, why not use a hand jug? The next time it’sPasta Night at home and there are no other dishes to do after dinner- make sure that everyone has one Food Cilantro fork per person so they can put their leftovers away without having any trouble spreading them around on these cute little forks!


The easiest way to save money is by turning off the water when you’re brushing your teeth! You’ll be surprised how much less expensive it can feel after just one minute of no shower, sink or bath.


The average American family could save over $10,000 in a year by making small changes to their spending habits. We’ve outlined five simple ways that you can start saving money right now. What are you waiting for? Try out one or two of these tips and see how much extra cash you can put back in your pocket. Couldn’t hurt, right?


Saving $10,000 in a year is not as difficult as it may seem. With some discipline and creativity, you can easily save that amount of money with the help of these 10 tips.  Which is your favorite? What other ways have you saved or plan to save this year? Let us know by joining the conversation on our Facebook page.


So, what do you think? Is it possible to save $10,000 in a year without making any crazy sacrifices? We believe it is. 


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